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Fire resistant  Insulation glazing can be categorized in terms of their performance level (duration of the fire resistance and the method of insulation. The choice is made on the basis of various criteria with regard to the valid regulations and taking into account the eventual application of the glazing. The fire resistant of glazing rests on three basic criteria: Mechanic stability The fire resistant element should retain its mechanic stability during and after the test.

Flame proof

Flames or flammable gasses should not leak through the cracks and joints in the construction.

Thermal insulation

The temperature on the construction to the public side can rise no more than 140°C on average or 180°C on one point, also when the temperature in the oven is 821°C after 30 minutes and 925°C after 60 minutes. The fire tests have only been rewritten in accordance with the European norms :

    E - fire stability                                                                                     

    Ew - fire stable with limitation of heat radiation

    EI - fire stability and insulating against heat

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